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2014 Jeep® Cherokee Named Northwest Outdoor Activity Vehicle of the Year

The awards keep on piling in for the 2014 Jeep® Cherokee. Just a few weeks after being named the Winter Vehicle of New England, a different regional automotive association, the Northwest Automotive Press Association, has given the 2014 Jeep Cherokee an all-new honor: the Northwest Outdoor Activity Vehicle of the Year.

Here at Courtesy Chrysler Jeep Dodge, where we have a wide selection of 2014 Jeep Cherokee vehicles in our new Jeep inventory, we are…

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2014 RAM 2500 a Heavy Duty Truck for the Ages

For those times in life when people need a boatload of horsepower and torque and a traditional light duty pickup truck doesn't get the job done, they turn to the RAM 2500 for all their needs. Whether you have a job that requires a huge amount of bed space, hauling capability, and horsepower, or you just want to have the biggest, baddest pickup in Grand Rapids, the 2014 RAM 2500, now on our lot…

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Sundancer Jeep® Wrangler Debuts at Beijing Auto Show

In celebration of its trip to Beijing, China for the Beijing Auto Show, Jeep® has announced that it is coming out with four different Chinese-inspired versions of its vehicles. One of these, known as the Sundancer Jeep Wrangler, is set to combine the legendary off-road capabilities of the Jeep Wrangler that Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids love with a touch of sophistication and Chinese-influenced design.

Because China is one of the fastest-growing automobile markets in the…

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Chrysler 300 Ranked as Third Most Affordable Large Car

Usually when you look at new vehicles, they have one of two things: quality or affordability. It's rare that you see a car that is both high-quality and affordable, but the newest issue of “U.S. Weekly” has ranked 10 quality large cars that also happen to be affordable for the regular, middle-class Grand Rapids family. And guess what? One of our favorite vehicles here at Courtesy Chrysler Jeep Dodge, the Chrysler 300, placed…

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2014 RAM 2500 Power Wagon Brings the Heat

When it comes to heavy-duty pickup trucks, it's hard to beat the diverse and powerful offerings of the storied RAM brand. And here at Courtesy Chrysler Jeep Dodge, we just found out that our pickup truck maker is bringing back one of our favorites: the RAM 2500 Power Wagon. Set to debut at the upcoming New York Auto Show, this iteration of the RAM pickup is sure to be one of the most beastly models of the truck to date.

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2014 Jeep® Grand Cherokee Named Winter Vehicle of New England

Now that winter appears to be finally coming to an end, it is time for the New England Motor Press Association to name their annual winner of the Winter Vehicle of New England contest. And for the fourth consecutive year, the Jeep® Grand Cherokee has come away with the victory. However, this year, the new 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel was the model that won the award.

When it comes to brutal winters, New Englanders…

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2014 Chrysler Town & Country is the Perfect Family Vehicle

If you're a Grand Rapids resident who hasn't heard of the Chrysler Town & Country minivan, you must be living under a rock. The famous minivan has now been around for 30 years and has long been one of the best selling and most respected vehicles during that time frame. After all, it wouldn't have survived that long if families didn't continue to buy and love it for its people-carrying capacity, numerous fun extras, and capable engine power.

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2014 Jeep® Wrangler Named One of the Coolest Cars Under $25,000

Anybody who drives a Jeep® Wrangler in Grand Rapids know that it is a cool car. But how do we define "cool?" Well, the definition of that word will vary from person to person, but according to vehicle guide Kelley Blue Book, a cool car is "a car that is specifically engineered to excite driving enthusiasts of all lifestyles." In fact, Kelley Blue Book recently honored the Jeep Wrangler on its 2014 list of coolest cars under $25,000.

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RAM Trucks Win Big in February Sales Report

One of the most frigid Februaries that we can remember in Grand Rapids didn't keep people from buying RAM trucks. The February automobile sales report was released last week, and Chrysler vehicles came out as big winners, with the RAM brand leading the way. Maybe there's something about winter that makes people interested in buying a powerful, durable, and dependable pickup truck ready to take on whatever the Michigan winter throws at them…

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2014 Jeep® Cherokee Ready for the Road

Anybody who has the slightest knowledge about cars knows that Jeep® automakers have built a reputation on making durable and no-frills four-by-four vehicles suited for the wilds of Michigan. While Jeep automakers certainly still make those vehicles (the beastly Jeep Grand Cherokee that Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids love comes to mind), the automaker is attempting to make cars that are equally suited for driving to work in Grand Rapids. The new 2014 Jeep Cherokee is at the forefront of this shift in philosophy.

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