New Chrysler Town & Country Will be a Hybrid

Chrysler automakers have always been the type to embrace technological and societal change. Anybody who has been following the automobile industry over the past few years knows that hybrid cars are the wave of the future. Kalamazoo and Lansing residents are getting tired of paying way too much for gasoline and are looking for an alternative. However, as of this point in time, there aren't many options if you want a hybrid car that can carry the whole family.

Here at our Grand Rapid Chrysler dealership, we are pleased to hear that the newest iteration of the Chrysler Town & Country will be a hybrid vehicle. According to Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne, the next-generation Town & Country will be the first recipient of the new Chrysler hybrid technology. While we don't know a while lot of details about this revolutionary new minivan yet, we can confidently say that we're excited about it's potential. After all, the 2014 Chrysler Town & Country Grand Rapids residents love is going to be a van that's hard to top. Drivers love the amount of storage and people space, thanks to the famous Stow 'n Go seats. They also love the smooth ride, and numerous entertainment options that make Michigan road trips a blast for the whole family.

Unveiled at last week's Detroit Auto Show, the newest Town & Country is expected to hit dealer lots later this year. According to Marchionne, “there's not a single doubt in my mind as we move forward in trying to get to 2025 standards in terms of emissions, that we will need to provide hybrid solutions as part of our offerings in the mix.” 

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