Fictional TV News Anchor Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) to Make Pitches for 2014 Dodge Durango

In a bold and innovative move, Chrysler has announced that Will Ferrell will reprise his role as television anchor Ron Burgundy from the movie “Anchorman” in a new set of television and print advertisements for the new 2014 Dodge Durango. Chrysler Group LLC has always been known for cutting-edge advertisements, such as its famous ads of Eminem in Detroit and the ones with Clint Eastwood talking about the restoration of America, so this announcement comes as no surprise to us at Courtesy Chrysler Jeep Dodge.

This new partnership between Chrysler and Paramount Pictures, which represents Ferrell, comes at the heels of the sequel to “Anchorman:” “Anchorman 2: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.” The man behind this deal is the marketing chief at Chrysler LLC, Olivier Francois. Because Chrysler has the smallest budget of the Big Three Detroit automakers, Francois knows that he has to take risks in order to be successful. The recruitment of Burgundy is seen to be risky, because some people may not recognize the reference or may not have liked the first film. However, the Eminem and Eastwood commercials were also thought to be risky, and they turned out to be massive successes.

In the advertisements, Burgundy will be highlighting the impressive features of the 2014 Dodge Durango, such as the great fuel efficiency, information technology, and formidable power, with his signature brand of humor. The 30-second TV spots and various print advertisements are set to be released in November, and many were created by Ferrell himself.

Until the ads are released, come on down to our Grand Rapids dealership, and check out our Dodge lineup, which includes the Dodge Durango and 2013 Dodge Dart. Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids drivers always appreciate our fair prices, personalized service, and huge selection.

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